Chicago Luverne Pumper

Chicago Luverne Pumper
Chicago Luverne Pumper

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Scale: 1/64
Release: March 1999
Edition Quantity: 3,750 (each)

Engine 43 is located at 2179 N. Stave Avenue Chicago, Illinois and is the busiest engine in Chicago.

Engine 109 is located at 2358 S. Whipple Chicago, Illinois.

Engine 70 is located at 1545 W. Rosemont Chicago, Illinois.

Engine 121 is located at 1700 W. 95th Street Chicago, Illinois.

The Chicago Fire Department was established as a paid department in August 1858. The city's volunteer fire companies were made part of the fully paid organization. The first substantial piece of apparatus employed by the paid department was the steamer 'Long John', manufactured by Silsby and named in honor of then Major 'Long John' Wentworth. The city's first motorized apparatus was a 1907 Seagrave, but full motorization did not begin until 1920 and was completed with Engine 11 in 1923. Led by Fire Commissioner Edward Altman, the 5,177 uniformed and civilian members of the CFD of today staff 98 land engine companies, 59 truck companies (including 10 tower ladders and one aerial tower), 4 squad companies, 59 advanced life support (ALS) ambulances and one fireboat. The department comprises 24 battalions in seven districts protecting a 287-square-mile area with a population of 2.7 million. The CFD responded to 393,400 alarms in 1997. Today, the department has a fleet of 525 vehicles of all types and sizes. The 1998 apparatus purchase plan includes four new engines, three rear-mount aerials, six sedans, eight ambulances and new equipment for the squad companies.

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