Athearn 91857, Ford C Telesqurt, Gardner Illinois

Athearn 91857, Ford C Telesqurt, Gardner Illinois

Art.-Nr. Athearn91857


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Key Features

  • Ford licensed model
  • Factory assembled with all detail parts applied
  • Medium wheelbase chassis with conventional cab
  • Fully extending Telesqurt arm with fire monitor and photo-etched ladders
  • Molded cab interior with seperately applied steering wheel
  • Clear molded windows
  • Vinyl tires


The Ford C Telesqurt is the latest addition to Athearn's Ready To Roll line of fire vehicles. Designed to bring the maximum amount of fire suppression right where it is needed, the Telesqurt's telescoping boom raises to place the fire monitor in the thick of the action. This exacting replica is sure to fit right in to any HO fire department.

Modell für den erwachsenen Sammler ab 14 Jahren, kein Spielzeug!